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Top Entertainment in Sea Cruises That Include Everything

An all inclusive cruise is one of the best, most affordable ways to explore around and experience new cultures. If you are focused on the journey more than the destination, you’ll want to savor every moment onboard the cruise, which is why you should go for cruises that keep things lively. And most cruises know just how to keep it all spiced up on the sea!

Sometime back, cruises were facing real struggles in providing onboard entertainment and those who attempted would bring high school performance caliber of entertainment, which did little to keep things lively. But today, you will see grand acts and piano bar acts as well as get the opportunity to dance to music and even try out karaoke sessions, watch movies on the deck under the stars and enjoy grand stage shows! What’s not there to look forward to?

Top Onboard Entertainment Options on All-Inclusive Cruises

When it comes to entertainment, cruises offer different options; it is up to you to pick a cruise that offers what you prefer. Here are the top entertainment options you can consider when booking your all inclusive cruise.

Family Friendly Shows

Are you travelling as a family? Well, Disney is here to take care of your entertainment with extravaganzas that are appropriate for all ages. The Disney Cruise lines are the best bet for the entertainment of the younger ones as well as the old. With new movies, animations and other shows, you are sure to have a ball.

Dinners with a Show

Some cruises are known for their dancing waiters when serving dinner in the main dining rooms. The singing entourage performs all acts from the old classics to the best of Hollywood hits while grooving on top of service stations. During mealtimes, serenades take over as the performers sing along to some of the greatest hits of old.

Production Shows

Some cruises, such as the Carnival Fleet, are known to use the latest technology to get things groovy with lavish shows aboard the cruise. With the help of large on-stage LED screens and assorted special effects, you will enjoy any of the four different shows performed complete with the wowing 3d factor. Before you book an all inclusive Carnival cruise, be sure to ask more on the shows aboard.

Live Music

This is a classic, and is present in almost all cruises today. You can get solo guitarists on some ships, themed bands with mellow voices that the holiday makers can groove to. You also get to enjoy deck parties and nightclub and DJ sessions if that is your thing. 

The High Tech Shows

Fancy the pleasant surprises of top tier dancers in tune with stunning choreography? How about some acrobatic stunts from the ceiling all the way down in addition to perhaps the coolest robotic LED screens? Well, some Carnival cruises have special shows for all kinds of performers, including the illuminate series where performers’ costumes are lined with lights for that unique dramatic effect. Be sure to confirm that the cruise you book has all these if it fits your fancy.

Onboard Gaming Shows

These are no longer a reserve of televisions; today you can enjoy being part of innovative gaming shows. These shows are themed; you can enjoy Monopoly based quizzes, Operation and Yahtze games. If you are traveling with your family, you are in for a treat as you can participate in matinee and other evening gaming shows that are suitable for all ages. In other cruises, you can get after-dark diving competitions and performances complete with fireworks and deck parties; it all depends on what makes you tick.


What is entertainment without laughter? Cruises today have live comedy shows for all ages. You can get family friendly shows onboard a cruise, as well as exclusive adult only sets of comedy shows. Cruises have in-house comedy curators that ensure that the shows are worth your while as they hand select every performer for each show.


All inclusive cruises offer a variety of onboard entertainment. Different cruises offer varying services; it is up to you to know which serves your best interests. For starters, you’ll need to do a quick research on the options available to you and which cruises offer the services you’d like. In this age of information, you are sure to get more than enough resources on which cruises best suit the type of holiday you have in mind.

If you are busy and have no time to look around for the perfect all-inclusive cruise, you might want to get the services of a professional cruise holiday planner. These professionals are well versed with local and international cruises and the services they offer and are therefore in a position to advice on the best choice based on your preferences. Keep in mind that the expertise comes at a cost so be prepared to pay well for those service.


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